A HK$200 Million Scam of AI Deepfakes in E-conference

A HK$200 Million Scam of AI Deepfakes in E-conference

Case Background

Few days ago, a clerk working for the Hong Kong branch of a multinational company fell prey to an AI-fraud from a video conference where every participant, except the clerk, was an AI generated deepfake. These eerily realistic avatars mimicked colleagues’ voices and appearances so the clerk unwittingly made 15 transactions, transferred total HK$200 million to local bank accounts.

Fraudsters crafted this illusion, downloaded pre-existing videos and enhancing them with AI generated voices. After that, the clerk had a conversation with the company’s head office and realized that the previous conference was a scam. Now, Fraudsters will wield AI technology in their arsenal, even during large-scale online meetings. AI-fraud is common, a recent report by KPMG showed that the number of Deep Fake Videos available online has increased by 900% year-on-year.


AISecurius leveraging AI and Big Data to deliver the simplest and most effective business security solution to against the above AI-fraud. Its atbCAPTCHA can quickly and accurately distinguish whether the operator is a human or a machine to identify fraudulent behavior, monitor and intercept abnormal behavior in real time.


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