Data Protection

Simple, Scalable, Secure

Backup and restore
Disaster recovery

Cyber Resiliency

Accelerated ransomware recovery

Air-gapped backups
Incident response readiness
At scale recovery

Data Governance

Automated, Predictive intelligence

Compliance monitoring
eDiscovery support
 Federated search

Integrated backup, eDiscovery and compliance monitoring. Simplify endpoint data protection, ensure regulatory compliance, and improve data visibility for the mobile workforce.

Scalable, all-in-one backup, disaster recovery (DR), archival and analytics. Simplify data protection, dramatically reduce costs, and improve data visibility for today’s complex information environments.

The easy-to-use AWS backup and disaster recovery solution for the enterprise. Simplify data protection for AWS infrastructure and ensure regulatory compliance SLAs.

If you are interested in Druva, please send email to [email protected]

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