Deepfake Pornography Threatens 60% of UK Women

Deepfake Pornography Threatens 60% of UK Women

Case Background

In recent years, there has been a 900% surge in online-provided deepfake videos, as highlighted by a KPMG report. These AI-generated manipulations pose significant risks: 1) Pornographic Content Dominates: Among 95,820 deepfake videos, 98% fall into the pornographic category. Women are disproportionately targeted, with many featuring entertainment industry figures; 2) Women at Risk: A UK study by ESET reveals that 61% of women worry about becoming victims of deepfake pornography. The fear of personal images being exploited is real; 3) Tool Accessibility: The proliferation of deepfakes is fueled by user-friendly tools for creating fake content. At least 42 such tools are searched online millions of times each month; 4) Cybercrime-as-a-Service: Even ordinary individuals can now purchase deepfake services or technology, thanks to Cybercrime-as-a-Service.


AISecurius independently developed a one-stop business security perception and defense cloud, including Device Fingerprinting , atbCAPTCHA, Din-sight, terminal hardening, and security perception and defense platform.

  • iOS Reinforcement with Adaptive Confusion: Enhancing security on iOS devices by introducing adaptive confusion techniques.
  • Seamless Verification: Our system generates unlimited images for seamless verification, ensuring robust authentication.
  • Cross-Platform Device Fingerprints: Unified device information across platforms strengthens security.
  • Dinsight Risk Control Engine: Capable of intercepting complex attacks and uncovering potential threats.


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