Lukfook Jewelry Suspected to be Hacked, Data for Sale: Experts Warn of Serious Risk

Lukfook Jewelry Suspected to be Hacked, Data for Sale: Experts Warn of Serious Risk

Case Background

Jewelry’s membership database is suspected of being hacked. Lukfook has stated it intends to contact the police. Currently, it cannot confirm whether any customer information has been compromised.

A hacker recently claimed on the “Breakthrough Forum” that they have the membership information of 5 million Luk Fook members for sale, priced at 25,000 Tether, or approximately 195,000 Hong Kong dollars. Lukfook Jewelry has initiated an investigation into the incident, which includes hiring IT experts to determine if there has been a data breach, and plans to report the case to the police and the Office of the Privacy Commissioner.

Network security experts have noted that the hackers did not attempt to extort the company; instead, they directly sold the information online and could infiltrate the system at any time. The situation is grave. It is advised that all websites and applications involving the storage of personal information, member registration, or point saving should undergo regular cyber security checks.

Computer security researcher Anthony LAI commented, “For instance, in large shopping centers, real estate companies, and many retail businesses, systems involving ordering food via QR codes, membership, and financial transactions should undergo security audits and monitoring, as well as enhanced security measures. The cost of these measures is rising. It has reached a point where not only the financial sector but any system handling personal, payment, or membership information must be secured.”


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